Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater, shares his insights on global economy, investments, and entrepreneurship with a delegation of CEOs from China led by M31 Capital


Renowned billionaire investor and Bridgewater Founder, Ray Dalio recently engaged in a 90-minute private discussion with young Chinese entrepreneurs. The invitation came from Patrick Zhong, the Founding Managing Partner of M31 Capital. During the discussion, the group explored the global financial landscape, investment strategies, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Dalio emphasized the importance of geographical diversification for investors and entrepreneurs. To illustrate his point, he quoted an ancient Chinese saying that suggests “good rabbits dig three holes.” Entrepreneurs, in particular, should be open-minded and flexible when faced with challenges. There are opportunities to be found globally, and the pursuit of passion while learning from mistakes is critical.

According to Dalio, investing isn’t just about money. It’s also about balancing work, family, and personal values. He suggests prioritizing quality of life over a singular focus on money.

The aging population presents significant challenges due to the inadequacy of pension and medical systems, leading to increased pressure on the labor market.

Despite the severity of the current global economic situation, Dalio remains optimistic. Solutions still exist, and automation and artificial intelligence are elevating the workforce to a higher level, creating more sophisticated work. He also expressed his belief that China’s economic growth potential is high, thanks to the country’s advancements in technology and innovation. Areas like automation, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy technology will contribute to China’s promising future.

Overall, Dalio’s insights provide valuable guidance for investors and entrepreneurs looking to navigate the changing global economic landscape. Staying open-minded, pursuing global opportunities, and being optimistic about the future can help face challenges and achieve success.